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Gloria Ellis, MD | Long Island City, New York "I have had the opportunity to be both a student in her class, as well as, an observer of her work as a professional colleague. I am impressed with her devotion and passion for teaching fitness and working closely with physicians in the community to bring fitness to patients. Personally, I have always found her classes stimulating and educational. I have observed her work in a variety of settings and with a wide range of client which includes: college students, community residents and health club members. She always seems to receive positive feedback."

Carita Spencer-Bryant, Teacher | LAUSD "Niambi Sims is professional and has the knowledge and ability for yoga instruction at all levels from novice to expert. As a teacher, she provides encouragement to all participants and shows a genuine sensitivity to the needs and abilities of her students."

Beth Capper | Los Angeles, CA "I had taken yoga before but never gotten as much out of it as I do from Niambiís class. I was truly amazed. I honestly didnít know yoga could do so much for me. Her classes really give me the stretching and workout that I need. Sheís been extremely helpful in working with me and some of the physical limitations I have. I consider her class a once a week vacation. I recommend her to everyone I know."

Charles Edmonds | Venice, CA "With Niambi as my instructor, I have lost weight, changed my diet, my energy is up and I have the focus I need to meet and deal with all the daily challenges that come up in life. Niambi recommended that I do a cleanse. I followed her advise, and by using her food service while doing the cleanse I lost 20lbs. Everyone comments on how different I look. I look and feel great. I canít thank her enough."

Dawn Greenidge, Actress | Los Angeles, CA "I have been an Ideal Meals customer for the last several weeks and I cannot speak highly enough of the service. I have a very busy schedule and do not have a lot of time to cook. In addition, I donít really enjoy it, so I usually end up eating a lot of takeout. I have periodically looked for a company that could provide healthy, fresh cooked meals, but because I have a lot of dietary restrictions (no wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, among other things), I had been unable to find anything that worked for me. Thatís why I was so happy to find Niambi. She has been able to make healthy, satisfying meals that adhere to my strict guidelines. And because of her creativity, I donít feel that I am missing anything. She even makes a great chocolate cake! Her love for what she does is evident in the meals she prepares and I have noticed a difference in my overall energy level and well being since Iíve been using her service. I only wish she could prepare all my meals. Thanks Niambi for such a wonderful gift."

Chris M. | Los Angeles, CA "Not only are Ideal Meals amazing but if you do the cleanse they will stick by you and guide you step by step through the whole process. If you are lucky she will be doing the cleanse too but either way she will make herself available to you 24/7 for questions, concerns, or if you just need encouragement. Did I mention how good the food is? Make sure she makes you some of her world famous chili. You will be an addict. Guaranteed. I lost a total of 15lbs doing the cleanse and a month later I have managed to keep it off. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed."

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